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Grow my Seeds

Who Are We?

We're Brennan's Landscaping. We work on your neighbor's yard. We love lawn care.

Why the Seeds?

It's like our love letter - to your lawn. From Brennan's to dead grass everywhere.

What's Next?

Find a patch of grass struggling, plant, water, grow, call me maybe?

Hey – so looks like you received your grass repair kit in the mail. At Brennan’s Landscaping, we’re all about adding value – long before we step foot on your grass. Which is why we’re giving you a grass repair kit – and if you want a yard repair kit, you can just click or call. We’re here to save the day, one blade at a time.

Here for the Free Stuff?

Sweet – we love free stuff too. Here are the quick 3-steps to a fertilized, green lawn compliments of your friends at Brennan’s Landscaping.

Step 1 - Like & Share

First step is an easy one – like and share our Facebook page. You can click the button to the right to get to our Facebook page (bonus points if you give us a Follow on Instagram).

Step 2 - Your Info

Liked and shared? Awesome – now we need your info so we know where to fertilize ($65 dollar value our treat for the support). Just fill out the form here and we’ll reach out to schedule your fertilizer sesh once we’re done wrestling garden gnomes.

Don’t need lawn care right now? No sweat – plant the seeds, grow the grass, enjoy your lawn this summer. If you do need a landscaping company in the future, we’d love to be a company you’d consider hiring.

* Note – we offer fertilizer up to a $65.00 value (sorry, homeowners on 10 acres)

    Step 2 - Enjoy

    That’s it! Thanks tons for the support. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we can to get something on the calendar for your free fertilizer.

    Now your job is to sit back and relax surrounded by growing green grass. And if you should ever get tired of that growing grass and need it mowed, trimmed, drained, or mulched, we’d be happy to help. Brennan’s Landscaping is here to make your neighbors green with yard envy. If it is outside- we can probably clean it, mow it or make it! Consider us your garden gnomes and we “gnome” exactly how to get your yard looking good!