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Spring Cleanup Landscaping Services
Spring Cleanup in Northern Virginia

Spring Cleanup Services in Northern VA

Birds are chirping and the sun is shining, and after a long stretch of colder weather the very last thing you want to think about is spring clean up. We get it, and that’s why we do it! We get your yard looking sweet just in time for the weather so all you have to do is sit and enjoy the view! Choose Brennan’s Landscaping for all of your spring cleanup services in Gainesville, VA and the surrounding area.

We serve Gainesville, Bristow, Haymarket, and more. If you are looking for quality spring cleanup yard services, leave it to our team!

Key Benefits of Spring Cleanup for Your Lawn

Besides being able to look out your windows and seeing the beautiful landscape, seasonal cleanup has even more benefits that you can’t see on the surface. Did you know that too many leaves in your yard can stop the sunlight from getting where it needs to go? We do, and with that we want to clean ‘em up to help ensure your lawn is the healthiest it can be this season!

What Does a Spring Cleanup Involve?

Our Northern VA spring cleanup landscaping team will come out and clean up any debris that may have accumulated during fall and winter. This can involve the following services:

  • Removing loose debris
  • Removing old mulch
  • Raking
  • Adding new mulch to beds
  • Edging of plant beds
  • Pruning of shrubs
  • Inspecting irrigation

Each of these elements adds to the curb appeal and health of your property, better allowing nutrients to seep into the ground and helping your lawn thrive.

How Much Does a Spring Cleanup Cost in Gainesville, VA?

At Brennan’s Landscaping, we focus on providing quality landscaping services and top-notch customer support. “Leaf” it up to us to get the job done right!

For a custom quote for our spring cleanup services in Gainesville, Haymarket, and the surrounding area, reach out for a free estimate today.

Why Choose Brennan’s?

Cleaning up your property can be time-consuming — take back your weekends and free time with Brennan’s Landscaping. Our team of landscaping pros care about leaving each and every yard beautiful and well-taken care of. From executing sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices to ensuring each customer is satisfied, the team at Brennan’s Landscaping has the care, knowledge, and commitment to quality you’re looking for when it comes to your lawn.

Reach out to our team for a custom quote today!

Maintenance Tips

Dethatch the leftover debris from the top of your lawn to discourage pests and diseases. Raking can be dirty, dusty work, so keep your skin protected with long sleeves and gloves! To help prevent arm fatigue, be sure to switch up your grip regularly and alternate leading hands.

Aerate your lawn to loosen soil and allow for water to get to the grassroots. This involves poking holes into your lawn and cutting down into soil, helping to create pathways that allow nutrients to more directly hit your lawn. A lawn’s gotta breathe!

Spring is the perfect time to start seeding so those little baby grass roots can take hold. Good things take time, so plant earlier in the season to help make for a flourishing lawn for summer and beyond.

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