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End of the season and tired of seeing leaves all up in your stuff? Give us a call and we will haul it all right out of your yard. You go and enjoy those crisp morning and pumpkin spice lattes and we will take care of the rest!

Key Benefits of Fall Cleanup

Besides  being an eyesore, leaves do more damage than you can see. They can suffocate an otherwise healthy lawn and bring in the opportunity for pesky pests to make their home. Leave the leafs up to us, and we will take care of it!

  • Clean up of debris from previous seasons
  • Raking up any leaves on the yard
  • Bagging of leaves and debris
  • Hauling away of bags from the property
  • Winterize garden beds

Maintenance Tips

Don’t forget to clean out your gutters from leaves and debris from fall!

Before you do your fall pruning, make sure to sharpen your tools to give your shrubs the best treatment.

Leaves are pretty until they kill your yard. Make sure to get them up instead of leaving them.

Customer Feedback

Fall in Love with Brennan's

Well, fall just might be ready for you whether you like it or not so make sure to schedule your fall cleanup with us! From removing old debris and making sure your beds are winter ready, we are here to make your fall the easiest one yet. You go and enjoy that pumpkin spice drink/candle/muffin, we got the rest. Contact us today or give us call at (571) 330-2659!