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Yard work got you feeling “sod?” Don’t have the time or patience and you just need your yard back? Maybe your yard was a drainage nightmare and grass did not want anything to do with your puddle paths. Well, we offer sod services for these very reasons. Go to bed with a yard of dirt and wake up with a grassy green even Tiger Wood could love (okay, we don’t really work in the middle of the night, but you get it).

Key Benefits of Sod Installs

Besides going green overnight, sod can actually help in more ways than meets the eyes. A yard full of lush grass can cool the area and give you that fresh air feel (that’s the oxygen it makes doin’ its thing). Sod can also add instant value and curb appeal even if you don’t have a green thumb

  • You’ll be yard and in charge
  • Grass muffles noise from outside getting inside
  • Fido will know where to do his business
  • Grass prevents less dust getting in the home
  • You yard will be the talk of the town

Customer Feedback

Planting & Removal Charges

Ready to kick those shoes off and let your pruney feet run naked through the grass? We are here to help (as long as you keep your clothes on) and make your yard more yardier for the season. No matter what the reason, we’re here for pleasin’. Contact us by phone, email or carrier pigeon today!