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Lawn Turf Management in Northern VA

Want to be the greenest house on the block? Say no more! We are the green grass gurus that are here to get your yard looking good for the season. From bed care and lawn mowing all the way to fertilization and seeding (and just about everything in between), Brennan’s is your one-stop lawn care shop!

Looking to get some bangin’ beds? We know that keeping those beds beautiful takes a lot of time and we are here to give you your weekends back. Let our team take care of you and give you your yard (and weekends) back! Interested in getting your lawn to be the talk of the town? Well, we sure are and we are ready and waiting to talk to you about it! Either reach out to us on here or by phone at (571) 330-2659 and let’s get down and dirty with your lawn care needs.

Key Benefits of Turf Management

Besides the obvious curb appeal, lawn maintenance is important to keep your lawn and soil healthy all year round. With the proper care and our expertise, we are dedicated to getting and keeping your lawn the best it can be. Don’t believe us? Just check out our endless online reviews (we don’t want to brag, but people love us). Ready to make yard work a thing of the past? We are!

  • Meet with an expert
  • Talk about your needs and wants
  • Come up with a plan specific to your yard
  • Use our knowledge to meet your goals
  • Get growin’ with Brennan’s this season

Maintenance Tips

Time your lawn mowings so you aren’t cutting more than one-third of the total blade surface with each cut.

Scalping your lawn can lead to more diseases and weeds in your yard.

Don’t always mow in the same patterns and directions because this can introduce some serious ruts in your yard!

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