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How Often Should You Mow the Lawn?

So – you’ve decided to mow your own lawn instead of taking the recommendations of your dear neighbors to hire Brennan’s Landscaping. Risky business, but we’re still here to help. So you need to mow – but when do you mow? Do you mow when you feel like it, when the wife yells at you for betting in your fantasy league, or when the HOA sends you threatening letters? What is the perfect frequency when it comes to mowing your Northern Virginia lawn?

How Often You Should Mow the Lawn Depends.

In the warmer months when the grass is growing at an all-time high, you’ll start to wonder when you should mow – then you’ll mow – then your grass will seem rather upset, turning brown or pale green. Did you mow too soon? Short answer – probably.

Knowing when to mow your lawn comes down to not a date on the calendar but rather a length of the blade. No – this isn’t the beginning of a Mr. Miyagi meets Kill Bill story – by blade we mean grass blade (although maybe we can convince Thomas to start cutting the lawn with a katana for an extra fee – yellow outfit included).

If you have mowed your lawn and it looks yellowish or dying, your mower is set too low. For those of you hoping to turn your lawn into a putting green, really short grass requires a very specific type of grass and a very stringent care plan – basically, not the goal for low maintenance DIY lawn care. Let the grass grow a little longer before it heads to the chopping block next time.

Spring Lawn Mowing

When spring hits, mow your grass on the tallest setting the first mow of the season, and after that about once every one to two weeks depending on rainfall and watering each time lowering the setting until you reach the medium length on your lawnmower. If you notice yellowing, bump it back up a setting. Your grass should green back up with the added benefit of longer grass being easier on bare feet.

Green Grass = Growing Grass

Green grass is growing grass. Things that alter how fast your grass grows will also alter your mowing schedule. Fertilizing regularly? Be ready to bust out the mower (or call Brennan’s Landscaping – hint hint). If your grass is not green, it’s having a hard time growing so it’s a good time to reassess what’s going wrong.

The one-third rule should help you judge the perfect time to trim despite the type of grass or grass growing aids you’re using. Never sheer off more than one-third of your grass per mow. Which type of grass your yard consists of will also determine the perfect height for your standard measurement. Cutting your grass too short can be just as damaging as letting it grow too long, so if it looks like you’re mowing too short, call it a day and park the mower until the grass grows a bit. Typically we find the best frequency is every week to every other week to maintain both your grass and your sanity.

Type of Lawn Affects Mowing Frequency

Not all grass is created equally – just ask crabgrass which was apparently created by the devil’s landscaper. We digress. Your lawn configuration, the type of grass, the amount of rain and water, and the season all determine the growth of your grass and thus the optimal mowing times.

Also important note – keep your lawnmower blades sharp. This does the least amount of damage to the grass blade and keeps the cut clean. If you’re sportin’ a ride-on lawnmower, you’re going to do a number on your grass, so assess which is more costly to your landscape – mowing frequently or subjecting your lawn to tire treads.

So, unfortunately, we don’t have an exact mowing calendar to keep your yard perfect, but the best answers are different for every yard, which is why Brennan’s comes up with the perfect care plan for your lawn when it comes to lawnmowing contracts! Just another way we try to be uniquely the best landscaping company in Manassas and the rest of Prince William.