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See Spot Make Spots

We love our dogs, but what they do to our lawns is for the birds. Tired of seeing Spot make dead spots on the grass? We hear you. Here are our five favorite tips to keep Fido from decimating your lawn.

5 Tips to Save Your Lawn from Going to the Dogs

Fertilize Less

What? We’re trying to save our grass, not kill it more. But hear us out – in areas where your four-legged friend tends to treat as his own porcelain throne, there may be too much nitrogen already. Keeping fertilizers away from these areas will keep your lawn from getting too much nitrogen which leads to brown spots (the other kind). Fertilizer + dog urine = sudden death of grass.

Water Water Everywhere.

What led to this problem in the fur-st place (terrible pun, I know), may also be our saving grace. If your pooch parks it on the lawn to do its business, hit those frequent stops with water – this will dilute the amount of urine your lawn is basking in and keep the lawn from going bottoms up (starting to sense a theme on this blog post).

And Water the Dog Too.

While we’re at it, make sure Sparky is getting his fill at the watering hole. Less acidic urine means a better chance of your grass pulling through the potty places your dog has grown to love (to kill).

Guard the Dog

Keep Sparky in one area of the lawn to do his business – that way you aren’t subjecting your entire lawn to Fido’s work of art. You can use the above strategies to help that corner of the lawn rather than having to tackle the entire yard.

Give Fido a Multi-bite-amin

Wow – our puns are terrible, but your dog’s diet doesn’t have to be. Find a dietary supplement that fits your furry friend’s lifestyle. “Certain dietary supplements, such as Green-UM and Drs. Fosters and Smith “Lawn Guard,” bind with the nitrogen in the urine, making it less harmful to your lawn.”