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Landscaping is more than Just the Garden.

Landscaping has many benefits to not only people visiting or passing by but also to yourself.  See below 5 reasons why you should invest in landscaping your space.

  • Landscaping can have a positive effect on your health

Having a well-landscaped yard will encourage you to spend time outside and therefore increase your physical activity..  Whether that be for gardening and maintaining your yard or playing with your kids or pets. Having a nice yard is not only great for physical health, but for mental as well.  Being outdoors in nature is great for clearing your mind, and having a nice landscape will add to this and give you positive vibes.

  • Family time outdoors

A nice yard will encourage your family to be outdoors more.  It is an extension of home, and will be a safe and comfortable area that will want to spend time in.  What kid doesn’t love burning off energy, and a great way to do that is running around outdoors. Or getting the family together around a fire pit.  When you have young kids or pets, there are a number of activities you can do to pass the time outside. Be sure to think about how your family might be using the yard when you’re thinking about a landscaping project.  Will they need room to play soccer or basketball, or does someone in your family enjoy reading, maybe create a peaceful escape for them to get lost in a book, does someone enjoy gardening? Make an area for them to tend and continue to grow their love.

  • Outdoor Entertaining

When you have outdoor space that is an extension of your home, it is easy to move guests outside.  If you enjoy cooking, why not have a night for grilling, and entertaining your guests on a deck or patio.  You can have speakers for music and lights that will illuminate the evening. Or if you and your guests enjoy big sports events or movies, maybe look into ways of including a big screen in your outdoor area.  Entertaining outdoors will certainly be memorable.

  • It helps the environment!

Certain aspects of landscaping will help protect the environment you live in.  Proper thought and placement of hardscapes such as retaining walls can help prevent erosion by reducing the runoff and increasing drainage.  When looking at the softscapes you want to plant – turn to plants and trees that are native to your area. This helps to create a sustainable environment for the local wildlife.  

  • It is an investment in your home!

Are you considering a move?  Your homes outside design can help separate your home from other competing properties by leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.  When a buyer pulls up, the landscaping will be the first thing they see, and they will be picturing themselves there. You want them to get a good vibe and feel like they could spend their days at your home.  Your home’s landscape could be the unique factor that will help get you your sale and you get you a return on your investment.